Renting Vs. Buying. What Makes More Sense?

Wednesday Oct 28th, 2020


Renting versus buying has been a growing debate in the current Canadian housing market. With a shift in paradigm, people are living differently than ever before. The responsibility of renting and buying definitely has its pros and cons with a significant increase in sale prices and a shift in the global economy, thus making renting a more popular choice. Overview   Pros Cons Buying You Build Equity Good Investment Sense of... [read more]

5 Tips to Follow Before Renovating Your Home

Tuesday Mar 30th, 2021


Renovating a home is a little bit like taking a long road trip: you shouldn't start before you know exactly where you're going. If you do, you risk winding up someplace you didn't want to be and having to exert a serious amount of time and expense to get back on track. With this in mind, here's a breakdown of where to start when it comes to renovating a home. Whether you're taking your home down to the studs or only overhauling a kitchen or bathroom, these five tips can help... [read more]



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